Its Not My House…

Those who know me, know I am in the never ending process of restoring my squarebody. The folks that are doing most of the work for me are top notch. I tell them that the truck is as much theirs as mine because they see it so much. They treat my truck like it is their own and what work is done is done perfectly.

I have done work for several people throughout the years. I have tried my best to treat their networks as if they are my own. If I see something that needs to be fixed, I fix it, even if its cosmetic.

As an engineer (or any job role for that matter), the network, truck, or toilet you work on is effectively yours. Show enough respect and have enough pride in your work to do it correctly.

Do you recycle?

I just read a statistic that says 69% of consumers reuse their passwords on multiple sites. Something to keep in mind is this: If you use the same password for your Bank of America recycle-symbolaccount that you use for Facebook, and I gain access to your Facebook account, how hard do you think it would be for me to log into your Bank account and spend your money to buy parts for my truck?

Stupid is as Stupid does

I recently listened to a podcast where the listeners were told if they didn’t know something, they were stupid. Let me give you a little context. He was saying that if a person didn’t know about a subject that they were “stupid in that subject”. Now, I will give him a little credit..he was padownloadrtially correct in what he was saying but the way he said it was horrible. For those of you that know me, sometimes I have a little trouble getting my point across but I am certainly not going to call someone stupid. I would like to think that uneducated is a better word. 

I for one am not going to listen to someone calling me stupid even if it is true. If you ask me, he is the one that’s stupid…

Attack Map

Ever wanted to see a map of attacks throughout the internet? IPViking by Norse provides a realimages time threat intelligence cyber attack board. It shows a graphical representation of live attacks. If nothing else…its just cool!

Norse Attack Map


Tony Stark asked the question, is it better to be feared or respected? I once worked with a persdownloadon that was respected as an engineer but no one liked him at all. You can know all there is to know and be able to fix any problem but if you are not a likable person, clients will not want to work with you.

I am no longer in a consultant role but I most recently had the chance to work with engineers that are both respected and loved by both their clients and myself.

Identity Crisis

I once had a client that disabled the Administrator account in Active Directory and create an account with the name Elmer Fudd. Some people will argue that renaming privileged accounts to something other than “administrator” is a wasteful tumblr_mtqiit0xBz1qar86bo1_500 (1)“security by obscurity” defense. However, this simple security strategy works. If the attacker hasn’t already made it inside your network, there’s little reason to believe they’ll be able to readily discern the new names for your privileged accounts. If they don’t know the names, they can’t mount a successful password-guessing campaign against them.

It Should Be OK…Right?

I recently talked to an engineer with a device that was down. He needed a little help getting it back up and making sure his network was running. The priority was getting the network back up. He did not want to spend any additional money tracking down the problem and making sure it doesn’t happen again. I agree in that the initial priority should be getting the network up and the users working. Where I get lost is what seems to be a lack of initiative in finding and resolving the problem. Do we really think that we are saving the client money by not troubleshooting the problem or are we actually doing the client a dis-service?